…irony and frustration…

Another sleepless night, for the most ironic reason. I have an ‘intake’ appointment with Community Mental Health today. This will be the third time I have been through intake. The first and second times I was denied treatment.

This time I specifically asked my GP to request an assessment and diagnosis. I hope this will speed the plough, but I have my doubts. What sort of medical system is it that establishes a mental health care division and then goes out of its way to make it inaccessible?

Canadian health care has deteriorated across the board, but the Eastern provinces, Prairie provinces and the territories are suffering worse than the have provinces of Quebec, Ontario and B.C. Mental health care in particular has all but disappeared here in the east.

See my local/regional link on my Links page for more info…it’s just been updated.


Went to my appointment. Got the same lip service and ‘community resources’ speech I always get (given that I can barely stand more than two people at a time, a support group is not where I need to be).

Still don’t have a clear diagnosis. I spent 20 minutes explaining C-PTSD to this psychiatric resident. He then proceeded to ignore my entire explanation. Gave me a bunch of bullshit, made up exercises and sent me on my way, no follow-up even mentioned. I’d be disappointed if I’d ever thought something positive would come out of this…

...thoughts, comments...

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