This week, the final straw…

Having explained to two psychiatrists, in detail, about the trauma I’ve suffered, about ideating suicide, about spending multiple days in tears, I have been cast off like so much garbage.

The horrors that I go through every day, paralyzingly fear, flashbacks, seizures, the absolute belief that I am worth nothing were all ignored. The ‘psychiatric resident’ diagnosed me as ‘dysthimic’. The private psych tells me “don’t be so gloomy”. They’ve won. I can’t fight anymore.

Our plight in Canada will not be solved from within. When it comes to the mentally ill in Canada, we might as well be governed by Stalin. Neither the Federal government nor the government of Nova Scotia can defend their mental health fail where the mentally ill are concerned.

When your family ignores you, your friends all avoid you, the doctors all fail you, you can’t work, you can’t even leave your house, you’re not ‘dysthimic’, being told “you’re too gloomy” just makes you worse. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Health Authority, I have lost what little hope I had left. Like many others here, the only reason we’re alive is because of our loved ones, even when they don’t care about you, and that is simply a crime…

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