…why do I have to lose everything?…

Been a while…things’ve never been so bad. I’m barely holding on and became aware of that fact for the most ironic of reasons…

A good friend came to visit me last week. When she arrived I considered feigning physical illness and refraining from seeing her. That’s how much I avoid people.

I am now back ‘home’. I use the term loosely as it is not home anymore. In fact I have no home, no friends, no hope…

Just planning my exit now…

6 thoughts on “…why do I have to lose everything?…”

    1. Thanks for your concern. I wish I did, but I left a marriage after suffering years of emotional abuse. I was so messed up I couldn’t care for myself, couldn’t even really make decisions. The lawyers basically put things in front of me to sign, left the dogs out and I lost that one and another chi cross that were in my name 😪

    2. Oh dear, I am sorry. Would another animal companion be a possibility? Maybe not a cat like my Louis Catorze, who regularly tries to kill me so that he can have his Cat Daddy to himself, but a nicer cat? Or another dog? They do help to give you a focus. 😊

    3. @iamthesunking I wish I could. My health is progressively getting worse, I can’t work and think it would be irresponsible of me to have a precious little soul depending on someone who can’t even pay their own bills…

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