…here we go again…

Haven’t been posting for a while, been scrambling with practical matters. Just finished two months of sleeping on a cot in a storage room, waiting for a place I could afford to become available. Took a long time but I got a good deal through a friend of a friend. Couldn’t have happened in my last province, people’re too avaricious. This place isn’t home anymore (nowhere is) but at least there are still some real people here still. Best place I could be to live out whatever’s left.

The new place is okay, smaller than I’ve been used to but lots of character and a great price. Good location, for this town. Transit system sucks real bad, but it was getting worse where I was anyway.

Taking some getting used to. First time in thirty years that my son’s not around. He and his new wife are living 2000 miles away. Funny, when they got married part of me felt that anything I was supposed to do was done. Just reinforced this feeling of not fitting anymore, although I am happy for them, they’re a nice couple of human beings.

So I sit, day after day, knowing I’ll never work again, never trust anyone to get close to me, eating because I know I have to…it’s a lot to wrap your head around…


...thoughts, comments...

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