WHO Int’l Classification of Diseases World Health Org’s Int’l. Classification of Diseases, defaults to my diagnosis. A more objective alternative to the AMA’s DSM-V
UK site dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of benzodiazepines, the most widely prescribed anti-anxiety medications.
Extensive database of prescription drugs with full product monographs. Sign up and keep a list of your medications, etc.

In Bed with Big Pharma
A slightly dated but still pertinent article on the connection between pharmaceutical compnies and the AMA, the organization which publishes the DSM-V, the flawed and incomplete document by which all sufferers of psychiatric and psychological disorders are measured.
International online chat support crisis line. US based, I think

Out of the Storm
Australia based support site for sufferers of C-PTSD. Highly recommended for North Americans as the AMA refused to include it in the latest DSM (more on that later).


Mood Disorders Forum Canadian-based forum for sufferers of mood disorders. In no way exclusively Canadian, but requires registration and log in to post (may not work on your phone)


The Sad Truth Nova Scotia’s Health Care System

Doctor prescribes change of leadership at NSHA One article from a marvellous blog regarding healthcare in my old home.